Back to work | Fall-Winter 2023


A new start

The summer is drawing to an end. Sands are giving way to sidewalks. From morning preparations to early meetings, time is gathering speed. The pace of life is shifting gears, and women’s apparel is metamorphosing. Fabrics are getting heavier, pieces are getting longer, and layers
are beginning to accumulate: it’s time to return to the city, the Soeur way.  Freely, cheerfully, with impeccable elegance.

The Knitwear Collection

It’s time for Soeur to unveil its new knitwear line. Four sweaters, each with a different cut, pants, a hat, a balaclava, and fingerless gloves: these eight pieces are made from extra fine navy-blue merino wool and feature a stitched Soeur logo, like an embroidered patch.

A resolutely feminine and comfortable close-fitting collection to ensure your way through winter.