The brand Commitments

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Our story has been built on encounters. It is because we have the greatest respect for the skill behind fashion and for those who master them, we have always paid close attention to the human impact of our choices.

That’s why we purposefully create enduring partnerships with businesses that are founded on genuine expertise. We forge strong, close links with our partners and visit them season after season.

This long-term outlook gives them the necessary visibility to implement development plans for their teams.

That’s how our partner in Tunisia achieved its 80% score in the WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) and is now working towards the SA8000 standard, the world’s most widely recognised benchmark in terms of social accountability (wages, right to representation, equality, working hours). Meeting standards is a long-term endeavour that requires us to work with trusted partners. It demonstrates our sense of commitment.

Our partner in Poland (a specialist shirt manufacturer) knows all about this. They obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2015 and update it every year, leading the way in financial transparency and workplace safety. It is a means of protecting the 240 experts who work for them, some of whom have been there for nearly 30 years.

But beyond standards, we are also keen to recognise and encourage the individual initiatives that improve working conditions on a local scale. This is how our Mauritian partner introduced staggered working hours for women, offering them a better work/life balance in a country where the distribution of household tasks is slow to change. This initiative is undoubtedly the reason behind the workshop’s low staff turnover of 3% annually, a record in this field where employment is very volatile.

The Soeur spirit is a combination of loyalty, high standards, creativity and a sense of fairness.