Soeur Soeur


 First swim.

Soeur launches its debut swimwear line in collaboration with the Venetian brand Lido.
A summer capsule composed of three sleek and sculpting swimsuit styles, a striped shirt dress, a light skirt and essential swim accessories.


Featuring precise cuts, deep and timeless colours with Italian inspirations (Pistacchio, Caramello, Bacio), Lido (@lido_etcetera) and Soeur combine their respective savoir-faire and aesthetics creating three models of elegant and technical swimsuits, Made in Italy.

These new classics are joined by the wide stripes of a sarong-style wrap skirt, a cotton voile liquette dress and a large beach
towel. All of which can be slipped into the Borsa, the new canvas bag ideal for seaside and city.



Lido was born out of a desire to create practical swimwear defined by a timeless, minimalist
aesthetic that belies its Italian roots, with a contemporary edge. Lido is based in the heart of Venice, the namesake of its home
island – a place long synonymous with leisure and unassuming elegance.

Lido is designed to last. Made in the North of Italy, each piece is crafted with a sharp attention to detail, using the highest quality fabrics
which feel like a second skin. Lido’s focus is on wearability and silhouettes that allow fluid movement while shaping the body.


Soeur and Lido immortalise their collaboration in Venice, a setting steeped in history on the outskirts of the island of Lido, fronting the Adriatic Sea.
The collection is photographed on Tanya Ruban by Ben Beagent. A refreshing dive into summer.

Soeur Soeur