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For its new campaign, Soeur has chosen the writer Violette d’Urso as its muse for a day.
A free-spirited urbanite, Violette embodies the energy around her as she elegantly takes us on a tour
through the streets of New York.


Soeur invited photographer Sarah Blais and director Easton West to portray their vision of Violette d’Urso’s daily life, a Parisian writer based
in New York, with images that are as close as possible to her experience: urban, artistic, spirited. From the street grid of Midtown to the Lower
East Side and Staten Island, Soeur celebrates elegance in motion.
Violette is a woman of today, embedded in the culture and immersed in the “organised chaos” of a city which - for her - represents “freedom”,
a perfect space to create “modern, disruptive art.” “New York has a double strength. It’s a new city, you get the impression of having a clean
slate, of being able to invent an identity, of being able to subvert everything” she notes.


Franco-Italian by birth, Violette’s first novel was published in 2023, Même le bruit de la nuit a changé, a book which evokes “a family
investigation and research that I did on Italy from the 70s to the 90s”, published by Flammarion.

Currently studying history of arts at New York University, she divides her time between her favourite places and her new discoveries.

Soeur Soeur

The collection

Soeur presents a collection which combines colours as subtle as summer, high-quality materials, and timeless cuts. A multifaceted wardrobe:
second-skin jersey, a denim suit, men’s trousers paired with a white t-shirt, a long wool dress, or a shorter cotton gabardine one. Whether
destined to be seen under the New York skies or elsewhere, Soeur has created chicly feminine looks which transition seamlessly from morning
to evening, adapting effortlessly to the wearer’s evolving needs. An ideal urban wardrobe, to step into summer with style.